How to Brush with Braces

I am unbelievably excited to share 3M is launching its Brushing with Braces websites! 

Although my blog followed my journey with Incognito Hidden Braces, we actually worked on two websites to help people learn how to clean their teeth thoroughly whether the patient’s braces were on the inside or out: Brushing with Braces and Brushing with Incognito Hidden Braces.

We actually developed these informative sites because of feedback from readers through my blog.  The most common question I’ve received has been, “How do I clean these things?”  And what a great question! 

Since I am NOT a hygienist, I reached out to two hygienist friends to develop the content.  One is Cathy Sundvall, whom you may have met if you work in an orthodontic office or if you were lucky enough to be there the day she visited!  She works for 3M Unitek offering lingual advice to hygienists working with Incognito Braces. 

I also worked very closely with Cynthia Dias from Forest Hill Orthodontics.  She works for one of the first Centre of Excellence providers in Canada, Dr. Bruno Vendittelli.  With Cathy and Cynthia’s experience, I knew we’d create credible content.

The thing is, 3M Unitek doesn’t sell hygiene products, and 3M ESPE, 3M’s dental group, has excellent hygiene products, but they’re for specific uses.  This lead to a wonderful partnership with Crest Oral B (Procter and Gamble).  To make sure we were using the right products properly, their team of experts were highly involved in the development of, and finalizing of the websites. 

In the end, we still wouldn’t have this content if it wasn’t for the amazing work of 3M Unitek’s Global iMarketing Team as well as 3M Canada’s iMarketing Team.  Thank you!!

All I am trying to say here is….we’ve put in a lot of effort behind the scenes to ensure you have the resources you need to take care of your teeth properly while you’re wearing braces.

Please take a look at the sites!  They’re designed using HTML5, so you just have scroll down to see everything.  Each site walks you through the steps for thoroughly brushing your braces, the tools you need for each step, a quick description of each step and a video to show you how to complete each step.  

By the way, we decided last minute to have a patient do some of the steps, so I actually am in a couple rinsing and spitting since I had my Incognito Braces on at the time.  I wouldn’t have worn a dress the day we taped if I thought I’d be on screen!  Plus I would have done my hair and make-up.  Don’t judge me!  :)

I guess it makes sense to sign off here from blogging.  It has been an AMAZING adventure going through my braces experience with you all.  I absolutely loved it.  I still vividly remember having them, so if you have questions, please know you can reach out to me any time.  I promise you’re not alone!!!

Keep smiling!!!

Incognito Jacqui

P.S. I’ve had my braces off for a while now, and my teeth still look great!  Wear your retainers!!!

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Brushing with Incognito Braces Videos

For easy reference, here are the Brushing with Incognito Braces videos so you can access them easily.

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Happy New Year!

It’s 2014, and what better way to bring in the new year than with some sun….and snow?!

Being in Canada, I can’t really complain since we pretty much expect frigid temperatures, but it’s hard to believe that on Friday, I experienced a 45 degree drop in temperature from 30 C to -15 C.  In the morning, I was enjoying the hot sun in the Dominican Republic (on my first all-inclusive trip).  And in the afternoon, it was so stormy, flights were delayed out of Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

Vacationing post-Incognito Braces means bringing your removable retainers.  I have to wear them 4 hours during the day, and then all night.  I pretty much just wore them all night, though, as we were out scuba diving, ziplining, etc.  I didn’t want to lose my retainers underwater or in the rain forest!

Here is what my front yard looks like right now:

Welcoming in the new year with snow in Canada!

It’s crazy how high the snow piles are.  There was barely any snow on the ground when I left.  That is the recycling at the end of the laneway…behind a pile of snow.  Notice the guy with the snowblower across the street!  No, he doesn’t do my laneway…but I wish he did…



And here is the view from my hotel room taken last week:



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The Debond

I am very sad to say that I had to get my Incognito Hidden Braces off today.  It has been nearly three years since I got them on, and although I have loved them VERY much, my orthodontist said that I had to get them off.

I already miss them.

Incognito Hidden Braces become a part of who you are.  When your teeth become straight, and no one knows that you’re wearing braces, it’s quite liberating.  Incognito Hidden Braces are your secret.  And no one has to know, unless you choose to show that person.

The thing is, it’s actually very anticlimactic when you get your Incognito Braces off.  You look the exact same before…and after.  Unlike visible braces that hide your teeth, you get to see the results of your treatment as they happen.  There’s no big reveal moment like you expect from a makeover.  You look…the same.

My BEFORE pic!! Still wearing my Incognito Braces here!


My AFTER pic! I. Look. The. Same.


I’d like to say you feel the same, but you really don’t.  Food no longer gets stuck every time I eat, and it’s crazy to lick the back of your teeth after not touching a smooth surface in there for about three years.  I’ll post pics tomorrow of the entire debond so you can see them!  I took some videos, too.

Special thanks to my sister, Naomi, for coming with me and taking all of these pics!  Also, thanks to my colleague, Jenn, who thought it would be a good idea to have before and after pics.  I think they turned out pretty well!  :)


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One Week to Go!

One week from today, I’ll be able to bite into these with ease.

Jealous?  :)

Raw carrots are not Incognito Braces-friendly. I can't wait to bite into one!!! It's been 2.5 years!!

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I’m Alive!

Hi everyone, and thank you for the wonderful messages wondering about my Incognito Hidden Braces experiences.  I PROMISE you all, in writing, that I’ll update my blog.  I sincerely apologize as I’ve been a complete slacker, and I have SO MUCH to tell you all.

1) Yes, I did have a debonded bracket.  It was so embarrassing.  I’ll fill you in.

I've got buttons on my lowers and have to wear elastics to fix my overbite and midline as of May 2013.

2) Yes, I have elastics now!  My advice is to get Forsus Class II Correctors if you can.  It has to be decided at the beginning of treatment because the brackets are custom-made, but I like that I can relax and let my ortho do the work for me.  I’m soo not compliant with my elastics.  I just hate that people can see them (even though he totally warned me about that at the beginning of treatment).

3) There have been (and will be) some exciting online materials for you.  Did you see our updated website?  It’s

4) I’ve been to so many places and met so many people

I have lots to share.  So…come back soon, please!!  Why?!  Well, because I’m studying for an exam.  Sorry, but I have to wrap that up before I can sit down and write a year’s worth of posts…but oh, I will!

I am still LOVING my Incognito Braces!!!   As a reminder, I specifically asked for lengthened treatment so I could show people my Incognito Braces at trade shows and such, so do not think my treatment time is typical.  They’re coming off this summer – and I’m actually sad about it!  They’re a part of me now!!

Okay….more soon.  Keep sending me messages!  I write back WAY faster than I update my blog. ;)


I’m putting up the posts from the past year!  A lot happens in a year…and I look way older now.  Ugh…  Check them out and let me know if you have any questions. :)

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2012 Toy Drive Success!

Every day I am so proud to be a 3Mer, but especially on days like today.  It’s our second annual toy drive, and what an incredible success!!

Employees donated 1,500+ toys, hats and mitts to the local Salvation Army.  There are going to be some very happy families in our community on December 25.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the toy drive a success!!  We had three piles of toys…two of them are below.

Toy Drive Pile #1Toy Drive Pile #2

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3M Holiday Party

Oh, my goodness. Is it December already?!  Let the countdown to California continue!! 

Cheers to one of my favourite colleagues and friend, Laura!! Soooo happy you can't see my Incognito Braces in this pic. We look great, Laura!!

I can’t believe how busy the next month is going to be.  I’ve got a couple of trips planned before I even take off for California – all in the name of Incognito Braces. I’m jealous of myself!

I take it back. 

I’m not jealous of one thing.  I have an exam in a couple of days.  When that’s done, though…that’s when I’ll really start realizing how incredible the next five months are going to be.

Last night, I kicked it all off with the 3M Holiday Party.  I LOVE seeing everyone dressed up and out of the office.  It’s such a fun night! 

All right….back to studying.

Wish me luck!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving America

We have so much to be thankful every day.  I am personally grateful for my incredible family everywhere in the world, including the United States.  Auntie Jacqui loves you guys!!!

I’m similarly thankful for the amazing opportunities my work is giving me.  Who knew that Incognito Braces would change my life in infinite ways?!  I have been waiting to share this with you (and everyone) for MONTHS, but it’s now official. I am going to be working in Monrovia, California for four months in the new year.  Can you believe it?

I am very grateful for this opportunity and also thankful that the baby that’s on the way timed it perfectly so I can cover this maternity leave during the Canadian winter.  Seriously. I can’t wait to spend January until the end of April in California!!  I’ll give you updates on this in the future.  Dreams do come true!!

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Brace Me Music Video

If you have Incognito Braces, this video is a must-watch.  I forgot how much I smile every time I watch it.  I did not make this music video (Brace Me), but I’m somewhat surprised it only has 351 views.  I’m pretty sure that most of them are mine.  I probably posted this before, but you know what?!  We all deserve to smile on this dreary November day.

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